The panorama carriages

Climb aboard and experience the wonderful landscape

Breath taking views and culinary delights

The four first-class panorama carriages are a premium option for the Mariazellerbahn railway and promise luxury comfort. The generous panorama windows provide unobstructed views of the passing beauty of the landscape. See sights like tunnels, bridges and mountains along the route from a completely new perspective.

Sights and culinary delights

Amenities in the panorama car include comfortable leather seats with ample legroom, fold-out wooden tables and reading lamps. Gourmets get their money's worth thanks to the catering service. Choose from a lovingly prepared range of regional and seasonal food and drinks.

Exclusive day trip with the panorama car combination tickets: the arrival by train itself is a highlight. In addition to the trip in the panorama car, the first-class combination ticket offers you a delicious breakfast as well as admission to the Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park, all in a single ticket. For those who want to experience the nature park in an extraordinary way, the combination ticket "1 Day of Happiness" is precisely the right thing. The package includes the return trip in the panorama car, breakfast on the train, a guided hike with a nature interpreter, regional snacks and a visit to the Stierwaschboden power plant. Reserve your ticket now and save!

Dates 2023

On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 8 May to 1 November, and during Advent season from 25 November.

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