Nostalgia | Ötscherbär

Travel like in grandma and grandpa's day.

Experience pure nostalgia on a trip in our Ötscherbär train

The vintage carriages with lovingly restored interiors and exteriors will be in service on Saturdays from 6th June to 26th September 2020 and on Saturdays during the Advent season, pulled by a more than 100-year-old electric locomotive . It's a truly memorable experience for passengers of all ages! The Ötscherbär is ideal for anyone who enjoys a sociable gathering in an agreeable atmosphere. It's the perfect choice for a pleasant excursion, family celebrations or club trips.

There is also always a buffet carriage attached offering regional delicacies and drinks. It's especially comfortable to travel first class in the saloon carriage with its large windows and elegant interior.

Dates 2019 during Advent season:

  • on 30 November 2019
  • on 7, 14 and 21  December 2019

from St. Pölten at 8:42 am or from Mariazell at 3:27 pm

Dates 2020:

  • on Saturdays from 6 June to 26 September
  • on 21 and 28 November
  • on 5 and 12 December

from St. Pölten an 8:42 am or from Mariazell at 3:22 pm

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