Tours of the operations centre

The heart of the Mariazell Railway

The Laubenbachmühle operations centre, consisting of a passenger station, bistro, shed, workshop, training centre and management headquarters, is the heart of the Mariazell Railway and offers exciting insights into the railway system through its many glass panels.

How about a tour of the Laubenbachmühle operations centre?

Take a look behind the scenes of the Mariazell Railway and gain fascinating insights into the history of the Mariazell Railway – from technology to railway vehicles. A tour lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes a viewing of the station including the Ötscher landscape model, the workshop, the shed, the NÖVOG training centre and the management headquarters. And it's not just the vehicles on the Mariazell Railway which are state of the art – the equipment in the workshops, the train protection system, the telecontrol technology and the train control operations make it among the most innovative and safe narrow-gauge railways. Staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have! Travel direct to Laubenbachmühle with the Mariazell Railway.

Guided tours require a minimum of 6 people. Book guided tours in advance as soon as possible, at least 14 days before the desired date.

Prices for individuals
Adult € 6,00
Child € 3,00


Prices for groups
10 - 25 people € 110,00
26 - 50 people € 220,00
51 - 75 people € 330,00
76 - 100 people € 440,00
101 - 125 people € 550,00


There are special conditions for school groups (also higher schools such as HTL, HAK etc.).
up to 25 people € 85,00
25 - 50 people € 170,00
51 - 75 people € 255,00
76 - 100 people € 340,00

Larger groups on request!